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Top qualities: Professionalism, Respectful, Knowledgeable and very Personable.

Marco and I feel blessed to have Douglas of PX Media in our lives. He came to us through a recommendation as an honest, knowledgeable and efficient web designer / photographer. He is much more than that.

Douglas is one of the nicest, kindest, most respectful persons we have ever met. We felt that from the first communications we exchanged. We basically laid out an outline of what we wanted done, Within five days, there was a budget a plan and a consensus. We started working on this project at the start of October and by the Mid November, it was completed on schedule and within the budget.

In six weeks, Douglas put together what many said could not be done. He took the time to understand our needs, research the elements and adapt them to our site. Yes, it is quite unique and we still have many new surprises ahead. There were many things we were not aware of and Douglas made sure we had done things correctly. He did not have to but he did. He does not want us to be just successful, he wants us to be highly successful. Fortunately, this time, We have Douglas to make sure things get done and done right.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting him personally in Pasadena a few days before Thanksgiving. I asked him to art direct and shoot our latest marketing material. Wow! If I was impressed with him before, I simply fell in love with him over those three days. We spent a lot of quality time together and started a friendship I know will last forever. He is that special. He is a very talented and spiritual man that exudes confidence. We all felt right at home with him and he made it possible for all of us to enjoy the work and our time in Pasadena.

He is a gifted person who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. We have never met anyone that has so much fun doing what he loves. We recommend him with the conviction that you will feel the same way we do.

Chris L, CEO. CL Productions. Chicago, Illinois.

Client Endorsement: Marketing Materials – Photography by PX Media

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