How Creating XML Sitemap Helps Search Engines to Index Your Website

One could say that Google R&D… has for the first time in the history of search engines developed a system that not only is an auxiliary in streamlining their website indexing capabilities but also bestowed upon webmasters the ability to analyze what the search engines are seeing on their websites and make the necessary adjustments in order to tailor keywords and make their website more effective.

The top search engine gurus at Google aggregated yet another ingenious breakthrough that is already being considered and or adopted by other search engines, the readable site-map file. This multi-functional web developer’s tool’s primary function is to notify a search bot from the beginning what pages comprise your website and in effect any major overhauls that you have made.

However, the fun and informative part of placing a sitemap file on your site is that the search engine will go as far as TELLING you what you rank for the keywords that are critical for your online business. Plus it will keep track of changes and demonstrate key changes that have been made.

The XML Sitemap concept is a new and evolving product. Educate yourself on this utility by visiting the informational links below. Free Builder