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Get in on PX Media’s HOT Summer deals. If you’re lucky enough to have received one of our postcards be sure to tell us the coupon code at the bottom right and we will create banners for your Twitter and FaceBook page for free with your new website package.

Have a great summer. DG.

1 Business Card Site

A Business card website or small brochure website. For people just starting out or when you just need to have your contact info and a bit about your business available on the web.

We can create a simple professional website that goes with your present logo and colors. This is generaly a 1 to 3 page site. Home page with slider, service or about page and a contact page. You can always add options like a photo gallery or blog for a small fee.

Pricing starts at $850 (two rounds of edits)

2 Brochure Website

Visually enhanced website for your business or portfolio. This is like the business card site but much more professional with 3 – 7 pages. More detail for your business and services as well as testimonials, portfolio and enhanced contact page. Generally a colorful site a bit more heavy on the images and graphics.

Optional: We have professional photographers on staff that can come to your location and take photos of your business and or services.

Pricing starts at $1450 (two rounds of edits)

3 Small Business

This is a full website with all the bells. Meant for those companies that are based on-line or have a lot of content like multiple-page services. Site will be 5 – 15 pages in size. More detail for your business and services as well as testimonials, portfolio and enhanced contact page. Social page and auto social posting is included.

Optional: Animated slider. Add a non Flash multi layered slider to your home page or any page. Fast load and beautifully enhanced slideshow.

Pricing starts at $1950 (two rounds of edits)

4 Service Business

Time scheduled based pricing. If you have a service based business that works with a schedule like hair, makeup, facials, massage or training then you’ll love how this site will allow your clients to book time and pay via credit card right on your site. No expensive software to purchase. Just a small fee once a year to keep it updated. Very user friendly.

Optional: Shopping cart for up selling your product. All within the same system.

Pricing starts at $2450 (two rounds of edits)

5 Retail Business

Ecommerce website. Sell your product online, accept credit cards, shipping, tracking, and inventory. Everything you need to run a retail business on the web. Easy to use administration panel. Unlimited products. Rollover-zoom product photos. Many upgrades available. Use as a catalogue or ecommerce site.

Optional: Wholesale Module with private registration. Special pricing, bulk purchase and shipping. Available language packs for all our packages.

Pricing starts at $3450 (two rounds of edits)

Responsive = Mobile

The well-equipped team of professionals at PX Media with more than 14 years of experience is capable of designing and developing practical and functional websites according to the needs of your clients. If you’re in the process of designing a new website be sure you ask about a responsive design. All websites developed by PX Media and most other web design firms are responsive. What is responsive? Browse to then, use your curser and change the width of your browser. Watch the content rearrange itself in order to compensate for the width. No need to zoom, easy to read.


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