Knowland Construction Services

A valued client of PX Media for over seven years. We initially designed their website in 2005 and recently created a brand new site using WordPress. In addition to the website, we also provided them with new business cards, brochures, stickers, signs, banners, and a convention booth. Following the branding update, KCS and PX Media collaborated to create a comprehensive corporate backend document repository. With over 40 DSA inspectors, KCS is the largest in California, and its main focus is inspection, documentation, and reporting. Previously, each inspector had to print numerous reports and submit them to various departments within the project circle. This was a time-consuming and costly process. However, our new backend system has significantly reduced the workload, allowing easy access to all documents anytime.

By going paperless, we have eliminated the need for printing and mailing, saving time and resources. The new KCS Portal enables inspectors to combine all necessary reports into a single PDF file with a customizable cover page. They can also edit, reorganize, add, and remove pages. The system automatically displays all files uploaded last month, ensuring effortless document retrieval. Additionally, the portal features a user-friendly file selector that allows inspectors to select files from organized category folders to add to their monthly reports. We have also implemented a photo reports form, simplifying the process of uploading photos and generating downloadable PDFs with pre-designed letterhead templates, eliminating the need for Word Docs. The system includes an email function that enables users to send documents from any window to multiple email accounts. Unlike other DSA companies or technologies, our KCS portal is more feature-rich and designed explicitly for DSA Inspectors, ensuring a seamless user experience. Experience the convenience of this web technology built exclusively for Inspectors. Contact us if you are interested in adding a backend to your site.