XGolf – Simulator Corporat and Franchise Websites


XGolf’s director of franchise operations Ryan D’arcy came to PX Media looking to rebuild his corporate websites and create a new system of creating location websites for franchise owners. What they had was all one off sites with no continuity, no support, and no maintenance.

Website Development

State of the art web design development. Built on WordPress Multisite. Responsive, Modern design. Location mapping, Booking / Scheduling along with gift card purchasing. 


Performed full SEO setup, along with Google location setup, Sitemap, Titles, Meta, and ALT tags. Performance enhancements include page speed, image optimization, and Minify and Combine JavaScript / CSS. 


Branding continuity over 4 different type of websites and 14 franchise sites. WordPress Multisite give you an edge by allowing to server images across multiple sites. Assigning admin privileges to one or many sites with one login. Rolls keep admins from making major changes that would impede the overall brand.

XGOLF-LOGOX-Golf’s indoor golf simulator venues are market leading, sophisticated, socially interactive locations. They streamline food and beverage services to create low overhead, high margin opportunities for franchisees. This is all backed by state of the art, innovative virtual reality technology.

PX Media built a completely new system using WordPress/Divi. Giving the ability to clone sites from our hosting system within minutes. We provide top shelf security, SSL, CDN’s, IP blocking, Auto notifications of site health and status. All sites are hosted on VPN’s. Each has its own server. Problem sites do not affect others because of the isolation. Virtually no downtime.

Franchise site do not have access to these plugins unless permission has been given. Franchise admins get access to make edits to content but not structure and are not able to edits code. This new system gave XGolf the power to keep branding across all sites and limit problems.

PX Media also supports and maintains over 30 exclusive servers to XGolf websites. This allowed security and a much less chance of hacking. PX Media maintains all XGolf sites, over 30 sites as of Mar, 2021. New franchise sites are created in about a week or less.


The overall goal was to save time pre build, and save money maintaining the sites post build. By adapting the full suit of websites into WordPress multi site PX Media took a typical build time of 4-6 weeks and dropped it to 4-5 weeks. PX Media now not only supports every aspect of the XGolf web presence but also support all franchise locations as if they are each our client.


Cost per build decrease


Support & Maintenance savings

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