Local SEO is one of the best ways to get SEO Los Angeles target traffic to your website.

Once you have made the decision to search for an SEO company in Los Angeles. You should do a bit of research to understand what is involved and what makes one better than another.

Make sure you ask questions like:
Do you fix all errors on my site?
Do you perform SEO onpage optimization on all my pages.
Do you only work with the selected keywords?
Do you also work with secondary (none paid) keywords?

These are just a few of the reasons PX Media stands alone amongst the top firms in Los Angeles.

Can’t find your business on the first page of the local Los Angeles search results?

Try this simple test. Search the city your business is located and a service or product.  You may not only be losing potential customers but your business might not be found at all.  After we optimize your site and complete the SEO setup you will see your site rise to the top.

With a Local Google Online Business Listing your site has an opportunity to get local targeted traffic. Google adds a short list of local businesses on the first page of the results. It will show a map along with your business info, reviews and a link to your site. This is accomplished with your site verification and your Google+ branded profile. Once verified and with some experience you may be able to use the term “website design companies near me” to find yourself, and switching out the Website Design with one of your services.

Have a look to the right and see a client search results for one of his keywords. The first is the local listing and below is the organic results. Because we manage his SEO and Marketing strategy we have scored him twice on page one. It’s not as easy as just creating a listing. What content is incorporated within the listing has everything to do with it.

Los Angeles  SEO Services + Options Includes:

We go through your entire site from top to bottom. All errors are fixed, not only on pages we are promoting but the full site. This is part of our full service SEO strategy. All packages come with full site research and competitor analysis.

Because PX Media is a Los Angeles web design and development firm as well, we can solve any issues that may come up regarding your page design, load speed or pagespeed, theme design, code conflicts, and content problems. Check out the SEO Options. We’ll let you know what may be needed and show you the reports to explain why.

Images can be the bulk of pagespeed problems. We use many tools like smush to squeeze your images down to a size that still holds the quality but not the bulk for quick loading.

Researched keyword selection,  error free source code, well written content and regular monthly SEO marketing will help push your landing pages to the top of the results. Keeping your site ranking at the top requires hours of production, research and testing each month. Keeping track of your competitors seo and advertising campaigns is by far the most important task. We watch how and when your competitors advertise and what keywords are performing good and bad then making educated adjustments to your site to keep up your rank. Long term results are won with many factors on page and off page. It’s all part of our business services. Working with a reliable, trustworthy Los Angeles SEO company is your best choice to improve your ROI.


Testing your site on the best SEO search engines.

Navigate to Google, be sure you are located in the city that your business is located. Searching from a different location will bring up different results.

If you’re searching from Los Angeles most people will use two terms or more for instance: Los Angeles + (your service or product). Many times Google will add a local listing table at the top of the results. Only the top three are shown but a button to view more is below. If your site shows up in the top three positions your chances of a user clicking through to your website are 60% better.

A good SEO optimized description is important. Not to long, not to short and only relevant copy. This is one of the most overlooked benefits of having a Google+ page. It will also allow you to have reviews. More than 5 reviews and your listing will show the star rating. This is an eye magnet and a wonderful call to action.

Need help setting up your local search listing? Give us a call.

Learning the difference from a SEO Los Angeles company and a internet marketing Los Angeles company is vital when selecting the firm that will put your goals and interest first. You will find many local SEO companies that say they will get you ranking but only perform 10% of what’s needed to get to the top and stay on top. Most will only build backlinks and then just tell you to fix issues on your own. Don’t put the direction of your business in the hands of a lazy SEO firm. Your site could drop off the face of the earth if done incorrectly. Many of our clients come to us in dire need of help. We can repair the mistakes made by cheap SEO companies and get you back on track.

Planning your local Los Angeles SEO strategy is not only important but takes years of experience to be done correctly. Los Angeles is a very competitive location. It takes months of hard work to get your site in the top results. Before you even select a Los Angeles SEO firm be sure that you have an audit created of your site. You can’t get the best results if your site is littered with code errors. Code errors are not normally visually verifiable. You need to have a deep understand of code to find and solve any issues.

We Are SEO Experts

We’re ready to help you get your pages ranking on the first pages of the search engines. Our priority is a lower bounce rate and get you more targeted visitors.

What is Mobile friendly SEO?

Although most SEO websites will tell you that the optimization they perform will work for both Mobile and desktop this is simply not the case at all.  Making sure a website is mobile friendly is not just checking that to see if it passes a test. The mobile version needs to be much lighter and load much faster. We generally will not allow a slideshow to load on the mobile version of a website and even remove large images or bulky content & creatives. As long as the brand and important messaging is still present then the rest is not as important.

A large percentage of mobile users will not spend the time to read all your digital graphic content. They came to your site to learn someone or buy. Cluttering up the page with slides, photos and graphics only prevents them from getting to the content they cam to your site for.

Digital marketing is more important for mobile users on off site work. As a marketing agency we spend much of our time creating content for our SEO client and at the same time keeping track of competitors social posting and advertising.

What is AMP pages and Why do I need them?

Have you heard of AMP pages? If not you should do a bit of research and learn what and why you need them. A few months ago Google introduced AMP pages and has made it a priority that all mobile site offer these new pages. Basically they are striped down page with almose nothing but text. Google will soon make this part of the scoring for ranking websites for mobile users.

We at PX Media feel anything to do with helping your site rank is part of our job. All our SEO clients end up with a fine tuned running machine. It’s kind of like visiting the doctor for a physical but for your website, testing and solving every problem. If your site has errors or warnings do you think Google will rank you over a site that has none? If you said NO, you’re right. Its a proven fact. No errors means higher search rank.