Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

What is SEO and why every website needs it?

Selecting the best SEO company in Los Angeles can be a time-consuming task especially, an SEO firm that can create a ranking strategy that drives targeted traffic to your door.

Los Angeles SEO packages and what they include. See below.

How do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Well, let me make this clear. PX Media is completely open to teaching our Los Angeles SEO clients everything they need to know to understand what they are paying for, how to read reports and most importantly, how they can verify all the SEO work online that is completed each week. Most of our clients say we offer inexpensive SEO services but with premium results.

We don’t make outlandish promises and don’t try and sell you a line of bull like a cheap SEO company might do. We work with our clients to help get their website ranking better on the search engines. The clients and our goals are the same. More targeted visitors means more leads and more sales.

Ask your SEO company if they can improve your pagespeed, correct all issues across your full site and add AMP pages.  Most SEO firms will only do the meta tag work on the pages for keywords you pay for. We take on the full site and optimize the full site. Yes, ask us for a full site audit. You will be amazed at what you’re not getting. It’s a proven fact that a site with a few errors will rank lower than a site with no errors.

We have seen a boost of up to 30% in traffic because of ranking changes just because the errors were fixed. A detailed audit report will give us and you a deep look into your site. Don’t trust those cheap, free reports all over the web. An SEO audit and a site audit are not the same thing. Most of them will only tell you the basics anyway.

One of the best reasons to hire a Los Angeles SEO company that is also a development firm. They can take care of everything. One of our many added options is to have staff copywriters.


Pasadena, Los Angeles, and San Diego Search Engine Optimization.

Most other SEO companies will work to get your keywords on the first page of Google. All they care about is that that keyword ranks better. They will do almost anything to make this happen, even if it requires posting unreadable content all over the web, breaking the Google bylaws, or just doing bad business. MOST WILL NOT EVEN POST THEIR PRICING.

PX Media works more like your SEO / Marketing company. Our posts and articles are created not only for the Google bots but also for human eyes. If you are going to pay to have us post content all over the web, shouldn’t it also help drive traffic to your site? Yea, we think so, too.

SEO Marketing will increase your chances of placement/ranking on the top search results pages specific to your industry and customer niche. Poor website design can impair a search engine’s ability to take inventory of your site content or even ban your site completely. The other SEO companies will only tell you what’s needed and leave it up to you. We are a full-service web design and development company. We can help with all your SEO and page speed development issues.  PX Media includes the tools needed to help you generate momentum for your website to rank among search engines and directories. Are you listed? If not, give us a call.

We Are SEO Experts

SEO services in Los Angeles. We’re ready to help you with anything you may find from your website analysis report.


So what makes my site more searchable?

Intelligent keyword choices, well-written source code, and relevant content presented clearly to the user and search engine alike will achieve good, long-term results. Search Engines’ ever-changing rules April 23rd, 2015, The new Mobile-Friendly algorithm was launched. Websites not set up with mobile-friendly code are now removed from all mobile searches. Note: All PX Media clients were already set for this many months. Learn how to test to see if you’re site is mobile friendly

We aim to get our client websites viewed by the individuals who are important to their businesses. We use natural, ethical techniques approved by the Search Engine Optimization industry. Other techniques, such as ghost pages, doorway pages, and keyword stuffing, are unacceptable in our industry, and PX Media will not be found practicing these unethical methods.

Only the best SEO company in Los Angeles can provide full weekly reporting

Reports are sent out every week covering all tasks. We also include a list showing where your keywords are ranking on Google. We also set up a Google Analytics account for you to view your daily traffic & stats. We then work to get your best keywords on page one of the search engines. We also set up many social profiles and post monthly content all over the web. It works quite well and is great for making your site popular. We can start anytime, but it’s best to start when your website content is being created. The web copy must be written with keywords and inner page links.



Rank: 1-10=1st Page, Rank: 11-20=2nd Page, etc… No Rank=Page 10+


Selecting the best SEO company in Los Angeles can be time-consuming, especially for an SEO firm that can create a ranking strategy that drives targeted traffic to your door.


SEO On-Page and Off-Page Activities Checklist:

NOTE: The below items are included in ALL our monthly packages:
SEO is traditionally divided into two sets of tasks: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-page optimization is the process of what can be edited on the viewable page and what can’t, as in code. To make it more search engine friendly and achieve better search engine ranking for targeted keywords.

Off-page SEO promotes your site by getting quality links to point back to your pages. Both will help tie your site and your social marketing together to drive traffic back to your site. Below, you will find our SEO services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas by the task.


On-Page SEO Optimization included in all our packages:

  • Keyword Research: Research what the best keywords can be used for the site and its content by studying your competitor’s websites
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze keywords used by your competitors and compare them to what advertisers are using with Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC)
  • URL Analysis: Check if the URLs are search engine friendly (Pretty URLs) URLs that do not have the code. URLs that have keywords within help in ranking.
  • Site Structure Check: Check if the site structure is correct and all inner linking and menus are formatted correctly.
  • Checking Keyword Density: Check how often the keywords are used on the site.
  • XML Sitemap Creation: Creation of XML sitemap for Google. This makes it easy for Google robots to read your full site.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Account Setup and Registration. Create a Google Webmaster Account and submit an XML Sitemap so that the complete site can be indexed with Google and any errors can be fixed.
  • Fetch as Google: Individually Submitting pages which are not indexed with Google.
  • Google+ Account Creation: Create Google+ account for posting content.
  • Google Analytic Setup: Review and or setup of Google Analytic account. We use this account to help with our software to keep everything updated and error-free.
  • Mobile Website Testing: Google PageSpeed test will show an error when your site does not pass any of the tests. (We will suggest and quote what needs to be done to solve any problems listed).
  • Inquiry Form Check: Check if the contact form is working correctly.
  • Mobile Site Compatibility: Check if the site works with smartphones and tablets. Google will rank you very low if your site is not responsive
  • Broken Link Check 404’s: We check for any broken links on the site and will repair or remove them if needed.
  • Site Speed Check: Check if the site is taking too much time to load. (We will send a quote in a separate contract if optimization is required. PageSpeed optimization can be quite time demanding).
  • Orphaned Pages: To make sure every page on your website is linked to and from another page. The robot spiders won’t be able to find orphaned pages.
  • Content Crawling and Indexing: Check if the content on the site is being crawled and indexed properly. If not, we work with you to solve the issue. Normally, new content is required to be written.
  • Landing Pages: Finalizing which keywords will be targeted on the correct page and if new content pages are required to target new keywords. (May incur a fee).
  • Meta Tag Creation: Creating Meta Tags for the site, abiding by Google’s strict rules so the site is not tagged as keyword spamming. Tags include:
    • Page Title
    • Description
    • Keywords
    • H1, H2 and H3 Tags
    • Images Alt Tags and titles
    • Page Heading Optimization
  • Image SEO Optimization: Google doesn’t read images, so we use ALT/Title tags and add the image name and descriptions for People who do not use visual browsers, like disabled users.
  • Image Optimization: Test and report if images need to be edited for speed. Optionally, We offer a full site image optimization for a fixed fee. This is the #1 improvement we can do on a site.
  • Robots Tag: For better understanding the crawl process for search engines.
  • On Page Content Optimization: On Page content optimization to integrate the keywords on the site. Requires client to edit content on the site
  • Gmail Account: Required 1 Gmail account from the client for account creation and submissions.


Off Page Optimization:

  • Article Title Research: Research on what topics the articles would be written on and advise the client.
  • Optional Article Writing: We’ll have our writers create articles based on the keywords to target. (Copywriting is not included in the package but offered for a fee)
  • Article Submission: Articles should be submitted to web2.0 Resources. We set up an account on resources like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squidoo, and Weebly and then post to them as we receive content.
  • Blog Commenting: Research targeted industry related Blogs for posting comments.
  • Registration on SMO Portals: Creating Profiles on SMO Portals like Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, MySpace, Reddit, etc.
  • Video Description Creation and Optimization: We would upload, optimize, and promote your videos on YouTube. (Only YouTube will be accepted)
  • Search Engine Submission: This process is not used for back-link creation. It is applied on a fresh and new website only. Submissions include Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.
  • Directory Submission: The best way to create a one-way link for a website. It helps improve the ranking in search engines and increases referral traffic. Directories like Dmoz.
  • Classified Submission: Classified websites are an important method for publishing ads for products and services. It helps to increase revenue and referral traffic as well as backlinks.
  • Social Bookmarking: It offers high-quality backlinks instantly with referral visitors.
  • Guest Post Submission: Guest posting is a type of blog that offers a high PR back-link from another website. Guest posting is considered high-level work for SEO. Research blogs that relate to your industry and inquire about adding backlinks. High-scoring sites charge a fee to post. Pricing ranges from $150 to $3500, depending on the site.
  • Forum Posting: A type of question / answer discussion. Forum websites offer discussions on various industry-related subjects. We can get one or more links from forum comments and profiles during the discussion process. Client approval is required.
  • Social Networking Groups: This part of social media optimization requires us to have access to your profiles. We join groups in your industry and add comments and or articles. Groups can be found on HubPages, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Image Submission: Part of SMO. It offers quality backlinks. This process is for link-building and referral traffic.
  • Video Submission: Video submission is a great method of creating lead and referral traffic. We use YouTube and sometimes DailyMotion.
  • PDF & PPT Submission: For off-page activity lists and one-way backlink. PDF submission is used for referral traffic and creates a push in search engine rank. (Client supplied)

Local Google Business Listing: Search terms used with a local city will many times give you a first-page link. On page one, Google adds a short list of local businesses and will show reviews, a map, and business info. We will need to submit and verify your address. Google will send the code via snail mail to said address.


Site Upgrades and Plugins: WordPress Only.

  • Installation of social plugins to help market your site.
  • A configuration of your social sites and your website to work together and save valuable time when posting.Training on how to best send posts.


Reporting And Monitoring:

  • Weekly monitoring of the site’s ranking on search engines.
  • Weekly Traffic Check through Google Analytics.
  • Caching and Crawling Check.
  • Contact form Check.
  • Monthly and Weekly Reporting.


Speed optimization and Monitoring: (Extra Charge) Inquire for quote

  • Google bases about 20% weight on how fast your site loads. A slow-loading site can be the difference between page one and page three. We can solve many load issues. If you own a WordPress site, the process is much easier and costs less.
  • Google PageSpeed testing and reporting.
  • GT Matrix & ySlow page load testing.
  • Speed enhancements. (Admin, plugin configuration, Server speed reports.

Although a score of 100 using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool is extremely difficult to achieve. This site you’re on, PX Media, has an average score above 95-100. Yes, even right now, we have a 97. The score will fluctuate because of what is cached and what may have been purged recently.

Go Check our site or check your site speed

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Maybe you’re just looking or already have a vision of what you need. Give us a call and we will help prioritize the tasks needed to start your project. We’ll merge your ideas with the latest technology to reach your goals. Done once, done right. The first time.