An SEO writer develops content that is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When content is optimized for SEO, the search engines can easily identify the relevant keywords and phrases which can boost the organic search results and traffic to your website. While content is and has been the key to boosting the rank, it’s important to find the best SEO writer that will help increase your ROI.

SEO Writing can be either GOOD or BAD. Can you tell the difference?

Good SEO writing will help your website and boost the ranking while Bad SEO writing can hurt and you rank would of course drop. You need to understand the difference before you hire the SEO writer. Don’t hire a writer who might end up damaging the success of your website through poor writing. Make the wrong decision and it can ruin the domain authority, reduce the traffic or worse, your site may be penalized by Google. Never forget any drop in rank could take months to repair.

How do you know if Search Engines don’t like your content?

Search Engine Algorithms work based on a high percentage favoring keywords and content. What would happen if search engines didn’t follow structure but instead delivered only content to the users because of keywords? The main concept of SEO and SEO writing is to provide value to the users query and by boosting the page rank through keyword relevancy, sentence structure, site performance, speed and many another optimization strategies. Otherwise search results could be anything and nothing at the same time. Basically the search would be useless.

How Google and other Search Engines think

Search engines always aim to deliver the best content to the users based on relevance of the content, authority of the site, trust factor and the user engagement. Though Search Engine Algorithms are designed to detect the best content, keyword stuffing, hiding keywords, spam linking do not boost the traffic and eventually, your website loses its Value. Google’s AI is much smarter than you think.

If you are looking for an SEO writer, you need an SEO WRITER who can boost your investment for your business and website.

How to find the ideal SEO Writer for your business?

Most businesses offer less pay for their SEO content without considering the heavy drawbacks. Horrible articles will not help you in winning the best placement in search engine ranking. A good writer understands how to create content that is meaningful and error-free. Eye catching and entertaining to read. They will take care of the punctuation, dialogue flow and grammar which is essential for good content. Finding the right writer takes time, so be patient.

A Writer who knows how to work closely with the SEO expert

Good SEO Writer knows how to work with your SEO expert. They should talk, discuss and define the content by working together. The results will be good only when the writer coordinates with the SEO expert to make sure all needed content flows. An SEO writer is not the same thing as an SEO expert. Writing is only about 50% of the rank boosting effort. Hiring a team is always best.

A Writer who writes for readers rather than for Search engines

A writer knows that his content is posted on the internet for search engines to crawl and to help rank the website. However, as a good writer, the focus must be on the readers who will experience the writing rather than the search engine algorithm that blindly rank the website. Customers/readers should be the first priority for writing and the second priority is on SEO aspects. As noted above,” Google is smart.”

A writer who understands the needs of the audience

As discussed earlier, a good writer writes for people, humans, you and me. How do they achieve this? Undoubtedly by doing research on their readers and the subject of the content. A writer would be considered excellent only if they are able to write articles that interest the reader. Keeping an eye on bounce rate is a good tool to measure how your audience is reacting to the content. Understanding the needs of the audience is essential to being a good SEO writer.

Understands the trends of SEO but not as an SEO expert

A good writer need not be an (overall) SEO expert but should have a good understanding of SEO. The writer should be able to use the keywords naturally without stuffing them. Keywords must be placed in the title, in the first paragraph, and in the heading. A good SEO writer knows how long the content needs to be and should be able to avoid unnecessary elements that can hurt the SEO effort. It’s good to avoid writers who do not have basic SEO knowledge.

A writer who can deliver viral content

A good writer is not someone who just delivers quick articles. They take time to understand the trends and the need for the client. They write viral content that people would love to share. Every business needs a writer who can write exciting contents that will go viral on different platforms.

A writer who understands the Art Of The Headline

Content is normally self-promotional so writers need to write content that has meaningful headlines that stands out and grabs the readers attention. Content should have enough personality that it connects easily with its readers. You can try playing with it, make it fun or trick the mind. If you can get the reads interest from the headline you have a much better chance of them continuing to read.

Overall, an SEO writer should be able to create content that is meaningful for the readers and follow any existing marketing material & branding. Just remember that good writers aren’t cheap. If they are, your barking up the wrong tree. Saving money now will cost you 10x more later.

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