Mobilegeddon – heard of it? As a member of digital publisher or blogosphere one must be aware of Google’s Mobile Friendly update.

It was published earlier this year and shattered Google’s ranking of many famous sites which did not have mobile versions, including Reddit, NBC sports and US Census Bureau.  Why would a portable device accessible site affect sales when a site is already famous? The answer lies within the technology trends followed throughout the world.

Portability is the new synonym for accessibility. Mobile gadgets fit perfectly in the definition. For ten years – If it’s on the Internet, it’s popular – has been the valid argument.  However – if its mobile friendly, it’s popular – is the new slogan. That being the argument; having a website which is compatible on mobile devices is immensely important for a business.

A mobile-friendly site should render these qualities to get maximum benefit:  Neat and organized content; Viewing without the need to zoom-in; fast loading speed; and improved mobile SEO. Being a user, one demands presentable content which is easy to comprehend. Imagine accessing Facebook from a phone and finding a jumble of non-organized words and randomly appearing images or miniaturized unreadable content. It would make the social media experience less fun.  Due to the lack of a mobile compatible website or a responsive website, a user might not visit a particular site that often. Out and on-the-go accessibility of any site will not only increase its traffic, but also get the company dedicated clients. If a user finds neatly formatted and easily accessible content, they are more likely to visit the site again and engage with the content.

Speed holds importance, as time is limited. Studies have shown that if a site takes more than 4 – 6 seconds to load, the user will more often than not abandon the page. The code for a mobile responsive site is small, which helps it load more quickly than a none responsive website’s code. The code helps the site to download faster and be user friendly and more presentable.

Publicizing a site on the Internet? When it comes to search engine optimization, the only master to look to is Google. They have policies for mobile websites and if your website ticks all those points – Hurray! You are good to go. Google prefers responsive website design, but it also supports a separately built HTML page for mobile version (if it does not contain RSS feeds or heavy images or video clips). Getting the site approved by Google’s speed and mobile test will lessen 60% of your worries, thus making the site appear on Googles search results and increase its traffic.

As pointed out, having a mobile compatible version of a website will not only increase traffic but also enable the business to increase its sales. Let this point conclude the argument that according to a study by Search Engine Watch, mobile traffic has now exceeded desktop traffic and will continue to increase as smartphones and tablets become faster and cheaper.

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