Content marketing can be a great way to increase the visibility of a website thereby leading to overall increase in the generated traffic. But producing high-quality content is easier said than done. You need to have a good grip on the subject and also you need to know how to write things down in compelling and powerful words. This is the reason why you need to opt for a professional Content Writing Company Los Angeles. They will help you produce SEO friendly and engaging content and in turn, will eventually help your website to drive more targeted traffic.

Traffic is increased in many ways including organic rankings and sales. Though to many people it may not appear to be as effective a strategy it is nevertheless one very important aspect of a business that cannot be ignored.

See the below list of few ways by which a website’s visibility can be greatly improved using the correct content marketing strategies:-

1. Keeping the content updated and fresh: – One of the best ways to increase the incoming traffic and keeping the high rankings updated is to keep the feel and the content on the page fresh. This can be done in many ways. Not only the fresh content can be added but the existing content can be updated as well. Keep your content new by adding regularly.

2. Keep the headlines relevant to the content and catchy: – It is believed that 70% of people who go online judge the content based on the headlines within 30- 40 seconds. This means that your content practically has the same amount of time to engage a potential customer. Therefore, it becomes important that not only your headline is catchy it is relevant to the content as well. Users will scan your headings first. If something doesn’t catch their eye it will never be read.

3. Add relevant visual content: – The human brain is biologically wired to retain and process more images than text. Therefore, visual content should be added to the website to engage the customers. Visual optimization of content will also give the business an edge over others. The content should be SEO friendly for it to yield any results. And remember anything that moves will get immediate attention. Sliders, videos, animation always attracts attention first.

4. Selecting the most effective keywords: – Keywords, without any doubt, play a very important role in the SEO rankings. But since the search engine algorithms are regularly tweaked, use of obvious keywords does not necessarily mean that the SEO rankings will increase. Use of different phrases for implying the same context can be used instead of using obvious keywords. Find out words that increase the ranking of your content and make the keywords that you want to target the focus of your content. Study your competitor’s sites.

5. Make your content link- worthy: – Connecting your website to relevant links can ensure that your content has the ability to reach a wider audience. Relevant linking can help in increasing your search traffic also. The point is to link up with websites which have high authority but at the same time don’t ignore the ones with lower authority as even they contribute in some way to your traffic.


The aim of content marketing should be to keep the audience engaged but at the same time not lose the sight of SEO efforts of your website. An improvement in your search engine rankings would eventually mean more incoming traffic which you want to maintain along with keeping the audience hooked to your content. SEO should not be the only aim for content creation but it can guide you in the right direction.