The wall that is stopping you from ranking better.


Go to Google Pagespeed Insights:

Add your domain and click Analyze

You need to be above 70 if you want to start getting a better rank. If you are under 70, you are getting penalized.

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Since we built our new site back in 2018, we spent weeks testing out many configurations, caching apps, and hosting servers. We tested site builders and themes as well. We didn’t stop till we had a score of 100. Unheard of right? We found a set of tools that almost hands this amazing score to us on a silver platter.

Getting a score of 100 is close to impossible. No two sites are the same, and Google’s robots are so precise that keeping that score is unlikely. We bounce around between 85-100.

Today 11/13/20

When a client comes to us for a rebuild, SEO, or site edits, this is one of the first things we test. If you are looking to rank better than your competitors, why not tare down the wall that is stopping you?

Good PageSpeed can increase your ranking chances by 20%.

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