(Q) What is Responsive Website Design?

(A) A responsive website will auto adjust to the viewing device. Smartphone, Tablet / iPad, Computer screen 11″ – 27″.

(Q) Why do I need a Responsive website?

(A) Over the past 5 years mobile / smartphone searches has see a continued increase. Almost 50% increase year after year. If your site is difficult to see on a mobile device then your loosing out on potential customers.

Web design technology is very different than it was 5 years ago. The big push is smartphones, tablets and iPads. All have pushed the web design industry to develop new forms of code, to allow the same data to be delivered in smaller bits at a much faster rate. Today, it’s very important that your site loads quickly on all devices Smartphones, iPads, tablets wireless computers. Designing your site with responsive website design technology will allow all your users to easily view your site no matter what device they are using. Today you don’t really need two websites. one mobile and one computer. Responsive web design allows you to have one site that adjusts to the users device.

Designing a website is no longer just about the computer. Before you hire a responsive web designer / developer be sure to ask how your site will perform on other devices. If they don’t have a good answer, Give us a call.

We have included a few samples of what the different versions of how a site would look like on different device sizes. The important thing to think about is usability. The user should not have to zoom in and out to read. If you make the user work to hard they will give up and go somewhere else. Don’t make the mistake of thinking no one uses anything but a computer to view your site and never use Flash as a main part of any page on your site. Many devices can’t see Flash.

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:by Douglas Goddard

Samples of our site on different devices.

Signature Article: Douglas Goddard:
Director of Design and Technology.