This could be your last warning, Don’t put this off another minute.

If your site is Old, Not “Mobile Ready” or Slow, Your in Trouble Unless…

You have your site checked ASAP! You have less than three weeks to get with the game. The deadline for Google’s Update is April 21st.

PX Media can test your site for FREE. We will share the results with you and explain what your website might need to prepare for the new Google algorithm.

LISTEN, This is no joke. 6 years ago as much as 50% of high ranking websites fell off the top 100 list. If your business depends on search engine rank for profit you need to get on this Now! Google has been sending out warnings to some sites owners. If you have received one, they have tagged you as not being mobile ready. Even if your are, they are not telling you anything about the speed of your site. They both need to be addressed.

We will perform two tests:

Speed Test: In order for your website to perform on mobile devices it need to load fast. The bandwidth of mobile service is nowhere the speed of your home or office service. So, your site needs to be slimed down. Image optimization, code optimization, browser caching, minifying your code. These all take time and must be done by a professional. It’s extremely important that no code errors are created in this process. PX Media has many years of experience with this process and knows how to get your site to perform. You can also just do your own test here.

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We will test your website and send you the results and show you what is needed to make your website mobile friendly.

Responsive / Mobile Ready Test: For your site to test positive for mobile ready it must be responsive web design. If you can see your site on a mobile device and it looks exactly the same as it does on your computer, just smaller. That’s NOT responsive and you could be effected on April 21st. Many people in our industry are saying that Google will not launch this all in one day. It could have already started. Watch your rank closely. If it starts to fall, it could already be to late.

Don’t Wait, This will not go away. You need to take action Now.