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360 page highly SEO optimized Joomla website design & development project from Los Angeles SEO.

Our Los Angeles SEO client, a private jet charter/ broker had spent more than three years performing SEO on his original site. It was our task to build a fully dynamic Joomla CMS system. Allowing for easy updates all while not changing any URL’s

key features of the new site are improved, and easier to access & updated multiple times daily, video aircraft selection guide, updated charter pricing calculator, the revolutionary streamlined booking Jet-Charter Select program, expanded media section and a compilation of outstanding client testimonials.

Some of the difficulties were:

  • URL’s. In order to keep the Google ranking for clients pages we had to be sure all 360 url’s were exactly the same. This was no easy task.
  • An SEO optimized site it’s not like you can just design a new site and move the content. The menu system was a stumbling block. Joomla automatically adds a sub directory within the url if you are creating a sub item. Through research we did not find anything. We did find a way with no programming.
  • The original site was static and they had the PHP extension. (We asked why PHP and no CMS?). You can find extension url rewriters for Joomla but, not for (.php). This is one of only two custom scripts that we did on the site.
  • On the home page you will see the images auto slide. This plugin “SlidePress” normally is used for WordPress. We got it to work in Joomla with the use of a plugin and some jquery custom programming.
  • The client had been going through so much when updating any part of the old site. We added some great components that allowed them to not only make edits on the fly but many of the lists can be updated using and comma delimited CSV / Excel files.

Read the client endorsement CLICK HERE »

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