Staying connected with Social Media is all you need to be popular on the virtual front. A simple link share on social media can bring huge traffic to your WordPress website. Some of you might also have done this with your website posts.


However, posting regularly on all the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn manually is a time consuming process. Why spend so much time logging in to different social media platforms repeating the same process posting over and over again when you can do it automatically with WordPress pluggins.


Although manual sharing allows you to add a personal touch to all your post sharing, days when you are busy and do not have time to share manually, these WordPress auto share pluggins come in handy. They are efficient, save time and allow you to reach more people at the same time with auto share. A few auto-share plugins are:

–          Jetpack Publicize

This is a popular plug-in used to share website posts automatically on different social networking websites. A large number of bloggers are using this plug-in to share their posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and yahoo. What makes it special is the setting feature that allows you to choose which post to share and on which network it will go specifically for each post.

–          WP- auto share post

With this plug-in you can share your WordPress posts to twitter and Facebook by inserting a message. Although it is a little tricky in comparison to others but also supports URLs and features comment from Facebook in blog section.

–          SocialPublish

Another plug-in allowing you to auto share posts on Facebook and twitter. User will have to make a SocialPublish account to connect different social media accounts to get started. You can also select share for each post as well as add a custom message.

There are a couple of other pluggins allowing you to share each WordPress post on social media. You can explore them and use the one according to your requirement.