Happy New Year from PX Media! We hope 2018 is going well for you and your business this year. Experts say it should be a banner year for companies that stay smart and evolve their strategies for presenting themselves online. It’s an exciting new day in the world of SEO, and we’re glad to have your attention.

While each New Year brings a brand new set of criteria to match when it comes to modern businesses and SEO, the good news is the fundamentals of SEO remain the same. So, experience is vital when it comes to SEO strategy and fundamentals. Unfortunately, SEO success in 2018 is not something you can dabble in to see actual results. In the long run, working with an experienced, honest, and affordable team to manage your site marketing can save you both time and money – not to mention the confusing and frustrating side effects of doing your SEO solo.

Essentially, what worked in 2017 will work with the same efficiency in 2018. Everyone knows the benchmark for ranking high on search engines is a strategic diet of keyword choices, credible backlinks, online authority, well-planned social media, and targeted paid advertising. Today, for instance, you can expect something called “scaling measures” for your business to dominate search engine results. You can adapt and revamp your ad buy/presence in real time according to desired results through testing. Scaling, indexing, backlinking, keyword targeting, and other proven SEO strategies remain formidable players in 2018.

Below are a few nuggets of SEO advice we at PX Media offer standard to all our new clients. We hope to be able to improve your ranking in 2018. Enjoy, and good luck.

2018 SEO Techniques & Rules

Establish Content Authority

Authority is how well your website content is considered a trusted business “source” among other well-established websites in your genre. Authority can be equated to how many websites have used a page URL as a business reference (be it a link on another website’s resources section or a link-back through an article pulled from your company’s website). You can find your website’s domain authority through tools like SMERush and MozBar. Raising a company’s authority through content and SEO strategy can bring results within a few months.

Be Fast or Be Gone

The standard website should take a few seconds to load at most. Slow, sluggish, dated, error-ridden websites will not be fair in 2018. Companies can instantly enhance the speed of their website by reducing the server response time, caching pages, and minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript, which can drastically reduce the size of each page. If your host is not enabling compression like GZIP, you should look for another host. Reducing the size (MBs) of images on your site using tools for image optimization is equally effective in increasing website speed. All should be used, and many configurations on how browsers handle your code.

Use Both CDN and DNS Wherever Possible

Using content-deliver networks (CDNs) like Amazon’s CloudFront is crucial to having the ability to quickly serve your content to users, no matter where they are in the world. CDNs help companies unfold their content across multiple servers across the globe through what is called a mirroring technique. Mirroring manages all content on all servers – no matter their physical location. In addition, companies can think about pointing their domain name server (DNS) to a company like Cloudflare or Sucuri (Our Favorite) that offers CDN, DNS, DDoS protection, and security firewall – all in one convenient package. Sucuri can even keep your site working during a server crash.

Ensure Your Site Is Error Free – Front to Back

What you cannot see on your website can negatively affect your site ranking. We’re not talking about the traditional errors such as typos, 404, and broken links. We’re talking about critical backend errors only visible using specialized tools such as Google Webmaster. If you did everything mentioned in this article and decided to skip this one step, your site ranking with Google would be almost nonexistent. There are two sides to clean, high-ranking SEO performance. Make sure your site is running at 100% efficiency on the backend as well as on the front.

Content. Content. Content.

The impact of content has emerged throughout the years, and it’s not surprising that 2018 will call for even more targeted content generation from businesses online. Content adds value to the website. Today, lackluster content and content “spinning” are frowned upon by search engines, so engaging customers with interactive content will significantly impact website rankings in 2018.

There are no shortcuts for creating informative, engaging content. Your words and pictures need to establish trust and maintain freshness. The ability of Google to sniff out shoddy content is improving every month, which means your content also needs to be updated regularly, thus helping to improve site rankings. One of the latest content strategies is increasing article word counts to over 2,000. Also, healthy internal and external links and a solid user of footnotes, sources, statistics, and referenced studies within your content will build authority and trust among potential clients: relevant keywords and the ability to develop practical, source-rich content won for online companies in 2018.

Responsiveness. Responsiveness. Responsiveness.

Mobile searches outperform desktop searches nowadays, especially in mobile responsiveness and overall value. According to Search Engine Land, the online authority on all things SEO and more, out of the % of searches made in 2016, 60% were carried out through mobile devices. Creating and implementing a solid CSS library on all platforms can ensure your company’s website looks good and performs at optimum levels on all screens. Would you happen to know if your site passes the mobile-friendly test? Google now ranks non-responsive sites lower.

Enhance User Experience (EUE)

It’s pretty simple: Develop a user-friendly and exciting site to read. A laundry list for enhancing the user experience on your company website is as follows: utilizing breadcrumbs for navigation; implementing fast-site search; avoiding the use of too many site graphics; ensuring your menu bar is easy to navigate; adopting tags for providing categories to your content, and installing pop-ups wherever necessary. If it’s done right, you’ll see improvements in weeks. Done wrong and well, “the abyss.”

Build Solid Links

Creating quality links is critical to high rankings, especially those links you use on your site from other sources. Outbound links are vital. Could you make every content page redirect the users to an outbound link? Even better, try using organic backlinks to rank higher and quicker. Could you be sure the source DA score is suitable? A toxic link to your site will get you a penalty.

Don’t Go Ad Crazy

The extensive use of online advertising will annoy your users. Please ensure you follow the strict rules for creating online advertisements and do not distract the users’ attention from your site content.

In 2018, It’s All About LSI

One of the most sought-after and essential SEO techniques is diversifying keywords using latent-semantic indexing techniques (LSI). LSI is a concept that search engines like Google use to discover how a term (single word) and content work together to mean the same thing (Google now knows when you use a synonym for a word of the same meaning). By using Google-approved LSI keywords, you can appease the beast and get your content to rank higher and with more authority.

In 2018, you can expect millions of users on social media, which means your SEO strategy has to be improved to meet the requirements of your specific segment of these millions of users. You’ll need to be targeted and your voice trusted. Creating viral content for social networking, audio bites, videos, and podcasts can be a very effective marketing tool. It’s all to get people talking about your company and returning for more of what separates your business from the rest of the pack.

With that – let’s optimize your website for 2018 in a fast, clean, and high-ranking fashion.

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